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Elevate Your Event with Corporate Catering Oakville

Elevate Your Event with Corporate Catering Oakville

Elevate your event with top-notch corporate catering Oakville services. Discover exquisite menus and impeccable service on our blog.

Elevate Your Event with Corporate Catering Oakville

Elegant banquet table setup with gourmet appetizers, reflecting high-end corporate catering in an Oakville city backdrop.


If you're on the hunt for a real Greek meal, Colossus Greek Taverna is your go-to spot in Oakville and Port Credit. Our place really knows how to bring Greece to Ontario, making sure every visit feels like a trip to those lively streets of Greece itself. With its cozy vibe from the get-go, it promises an eating out experience that'll stick with you.

Discover Colossus Greek Taverna: A Gem in Oakville and Port Credit

Colossus Greek Taverna, a famous Greek restaurant found in Oakville and Port Credit, is all about giving you a taste of genuine Greek food along with friendly service. It's become quite the spot for both people who live nearby and those just visiting. If you're looking to enjoy some classic Greek meals or dive into their wide selection of wines, this is your go-to place.

Authentic Greek Dining Experience

At Colossus Greek Taverna, you're in for a real treat with the best of Greek food. What makes us stand out includes:

  • A team full of experience, from chefs to staff, all committed to giving you a genuine taste of Greece.
  • We pick only fresh and top-notch ingredients so that every bite feels like it's straight from Greece itself.
  • With an atmosphere that's cozy and welcoming, we mirrors the friendly spirit of Greek hospitality.
  • The location in Oakville means getting there is easy for both locals and those coming from afar.

Award-Winning Greek Wine List

At Colossus Greek Taverna, located in Oakville and Port Credit, We are really proud of our amazing selection of Greek wines that have won awards. We had picked out some fantastic wines from Greece for you to try, adding something special to your meal. You'll find everything from light and crisp white wines to rich and deep reds, so there's something for everyone no matter what kind of wine you like. If you're new to wine or already know a lot about it, the friendly staff is there to help pick out just the right wine that goes perfectly with your food. So why not drop by and see what makes their Greek wine experience so unique?

Discover our unique greek wines at Colossus Greek Taverna

Why Choose Corporate Catering for Your Event

When you're setting up a business event, picking the right catering can really change the game. Here's why going for corporate catering is a smart move for your upcoming event:

Elevate Your Event Ambiance

Catering services for businesses do more than just serve tasty food; they also play a big part in making your event look classy. By setting up everything professionally, caterers turn your event space into something really elegant. With their focus on details like how the tables are set and the overall decor, our caterers make sure your guests have an experience they won't forget.

Impress Your Guests with Exquisite Cuisine

Choosing our corporate catering for your event is a great way to wow your guests with amazing food. We provide lots of different menu choices that cater to many tastes and dietary needs. We serve everything from tasty appetizers to delicious main dishes, all made carefully and with love. By offering your guests high-quality cuisine, you'll make a memorable impact and guarantee that people will remember your event for the good stuff.

corporate catering that wows at Colossus Greek Taverna

Our Chef's Philosophy: Traditionally Greek

At Colossus Greek Taverna, our chef deeply believes in keeping things traditional when it comes to Greek food. We put a lot of love and precision into making each dish, ensuring that every mouthful gives you an authentic taste of Greece. From small plates known as mezes to filling main dishes, everything is made with genuine flavors and methods. With our chef's dedication to staying true to Greek culinary roots, dining here lets you explore Greece's flavorful history like never before.

A Menu Crafted with Passion

At Colossus Greek Taverna, our chef has a real love for Greek food. With every dish on the menu, from the rich moussaka to juicy souvlaki, there's a touch of tradition and lots of care put into using top-notch ingredients. This means you get to taste true Greek flavours in every bite. The menu is all about bringing out the best of Greece's culinary delights, promising an eating experience that'll have you coming back for seconds.

Greek Catering Services at Colossus Greek Taverna

Speciality Lamb Dishes and Fresh Seafood Favourites

At Colossus Greek Taverna, we're all about bringing the real flavours of Greece to your table. Our team, packed with experience, puts a lot of care into making each dish something special. We've got everything from juicy lamb chops that'll make your mouth water to seafood platters bursting with taste. Chef has put together a menu that's sure to wow anyone who tries it. Whether you're in the mood for some amazing seafood or want to dive into our savory lamb options, we promise an eating experience that will lift up your event and leave everyone impressed by these standout dishes.

Memorable Events Hosted by Colossus Greek Taverna

At Colossus Greek Taverna, located in both Oakville and Port Credit, We have been lucky enough to be part of many special occasions. Whether it's a lunch gathering, a dinner event or any kind of reception, our crew knows exactly how to make these moments memorable for you and everyone joining you.

Luncheons That Leave a Lasting Impression

If you're planning a business lunch or a get-together to meet new people, Colossus Greek Taverna has got your back. We can whip up a menu and set the mood in such a way that everyone will remember it for a long time. Our lunch offerings range from crisp, fresh salads to filling main dishes, making sure there's something for every taste. With our focus on getting everything just right and our dedication to being the best, you can be confident that your event will go off without a hitch.

Dinners and Receptions Tailored to Your Needs

At Colossus Greek Taverna, we are all about making menus that fit exactly what you want for dinners and receptions. If you've got a celebration dinner or a big reception in mind, our team is ready to sit down with you to get every detail of what you envision. We offer everything from fancy plated meals to buffet-style eating options, so whatever your preference is, they can make it happen. With our know-how in organizing events and making guests feel welcome, you can just kick back and have a good time while they handle all the nitty-gritty details.

experience best greek hospitality at Colossus Greek Taverna

Explore Our Menu: A Testament to Greek Culinary Excellence

At Colossus Greek Taverna, we're all about celebrating the amazing flavours of Greece. Our menu is packed with everything from time-honoured Greek classics to fresh takes on traditional dishes. No matter what you love to eat, there's something here for you. So come on over and let us take you on a delicious trip through Greece's culinary wonders.

Decadent Choices for Every Palate

At Colossus Catering, we've got a menu that'll make everyone happy. With loads of choices, there's something for every taste bud out there.

  • For those who love variety, our menu has it all to please any palate.
  • If you're into savoury or sweet stuff, we've got you covered with plenty of options.
  • Kick off your event with our gourmet appetizers; they're sure to wow your guests right from the start.
  • Our main dishes are packed with fresh ingredients and flavours that pop in every bite.
  • And don't miss out on our homemade desserts—they're the perfect finish to a great meal.

We at Colossus believe in making every palate jump for joy. That’s why we offer an array of decadent dishes catering to different tastes. Whether you lean more towards savoury delights or have a knack for sweets, rest assured—we’ve got what you need.

With starters like bruschetta and sliders among others, these gourmet treats are prepared with care and loaded with flavor. They’re just what’s needed to get your guests excited about what comes next.

For the main course? We stick only to the freshest ingredients around so whether it’s juicy grilled meats or tasty vegetarian picks—our selection is designed keeping everyone in mind. Trust us when we say each dish is cooked just right by experienced chefs aiming nothing short but impressiveness on plates leaving folks craving even more!

Ending things on a high note means bringing out some irresistible homemade desserts! Be it timeless classics such as tiramisu or something new and exciting; these sweet endings promise not just indulgence but also memorable moments for all attending.

Daily Featured Entrées and Homemade Desserts

At Colossus Catering, we're all about keeping things fresh and exciting. That means every day, you'll find new featured entrées on our menu. Our chefs love to get creative with seasonal ingredients, whipping up dishes that are full of flavour and a feast for the eyes.

With us, there's always something different to try. Whether you've got a soft spot for mediterranean or like to mix it up with some innovative eats, our daily specials are sure to hit the spot.

And let's not forget about dessert! Made from scratch with lots of love and care, our homemade desserts are something special. From good old cannoli to adventurous chocolate mousse topped with raspberry coulis - they're just what you need for a perfect meal finisher.

So come by Colossus Catering where each day offers an opportunity to taste something amazing – whether it’s one of our unique main courses or delightful desserts.

Desserts at Colossus Greek Taverna


Take your event up a notch with the amazing food from Colossus Greek Taverna, located in Oakville and Port Credit. Dive into real Greek flavours, top-notch wines, and dishes made with love. Make your guests happy with our special lamb recipes and beloved seafood picks. No matter if you're planning a lunch gathering or an evening celebration, our chef sticks to traditional Greek cooking to make sure everyone remembers your event for all the right reasons. Check out our rich menu and what we've got specially prepared each day. If you want your event to really stand out, go for our corporate catering services. Get in touch today to arrange your private function and enjoy outstanding Greek cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book a Private Event at Colossus Greek Taverna?

Want to have a private event at Colossus Greek Taverna? Here's how:

  • Just shoot an email or contact us through the website.
  • In your email, mention when you want the event, how many people will come, and anything special you need.
  • With Chef help, you'll pick out a menu that fits what you like and make sure everything is just right for your event.

Booking your own private gathering at Colossus Greek Taverna couldn't be easier. By sending an email to Colossus with key details about your party—like its date, guest count, and any unique needs—you're on track. You can count on Colossus to tailor-make a menu that matches your taste perfectly while ensuring all aspects of your occasion are covered meticulously. So don't wait around; get in touch now and kickstart the planning for an unforgettable experience at Colossus Greek Taverna.

What Are the Highlights of the Menu?

At Colossus Catering, our menu is packed with options that will definitely catch your eye and make your guests happy. With everything from tasty starters to our famous BBQ dishes, we've got a bit of something for all tastes.

Starting off with appetizers, we offer a bunch that are sure to get everyone talking. Whether you love the classic taste of bruschetta or want to try something exciting like bacon-wrapped scallops, these small bites are perfect for kicking things off.

For those who can't resist good BBQ, you're in luck. Our BBQ section stands out on the menu with delicious grilled meats and sides that will fill you up right. Think juicy burgers and tender ribs - they're bound to hit the spot every time.

And if you're not around Oakville? No worries at all! We also cater to folks in Burlington so no one misses out on what we have to offer. So whether it's a work event in Oakville or a personal gathering in Burlington, Colossus Catering is ready to serve.