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Authentic Greek Catering in Oakville

Authentic Greek Catering in Oakville

Savor authentic Greek cuisine at Colossus Greek Taverna in Oakville. Award-winning wines, inviting ambiance, and private events. Discover Greece on your plate!

Venturing into the streets of Oakville, you'll find an exotic Greek gem, the Colossus Greek Taverna, offering an authentic Greek dining experience. Amid an eclectic mix of restaurants in this Canadian city, Colossus stands out with its sophisticated affair of cuisine, wine, and ambience ─ truly redefining the concept of Authentic Greek catering in Oakville.

Authentic Greek Cuisine

Colossus Greek Taverna provides you with a vast array of decadent choices. Their executive chef and his professional team have masterfully prepared a menu that leaves your palate in awe, featuring traditional Greek appetizers, pastas, fresh fish, and speciality lamb dishes, along with daily special entrées and outrageously luscious homemade desserts.

One of their most heartily recommended dishes is certainly the calamari dinner, a favourite amongst many patrons. To truly capture the spirit of Greece, the menu also offers dishes sprinkled with a splash of innovative culinary creativity like Seafood spiced up with fiery red pepper flakes.

Greek catering by colossus greek taverna

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Surrounding you are the reminiscent sounds of bouzouki music, carrying you away on an imaginary journey to the sun-drenched beaches of Greece. Colossus Greek Taverna doesn't just offer you a meal; it offers an unrivalled dining experience. With a great view and even blankets available on the patio for chilly nights, it is a perfect spot for a special date or a memorable night out.

Authentic Greek catering by Colossus greek Taverna

Award-Winning Greek Wines

Complement your meal with an aperitif of their variety of Ouzos or imported beer. Don't miss out on treating your palate to a glass of wine from their world-class Greek wine list, featuring selective award-winning wines that fill your senses with the wonderful aromatic treasures of Greece.

Award Winning Greek wines by Colossus Greek taverna

Private Events

Colossus is more than welcome if you wish to have a private event featuring Authentic Greek Catering in Oakville.Luncheons, dinners, or receptions ─ they've got you covered, offering you a touch of Greek class, one that your guests will certainly not forget in a hurry.

Private Event by colossus Greek taverna


But don't just take our word for it.On TripAdvisor, you'll find a plethora of positive reviews. Monika C. fromBurlington raves about the calamari dinner and rates Colossus as a top-rated restaurant.

Monica W. from Mississauga loves the chicken pasta and chicken \souvlaki. Meanwhile,

Corina S. has been eating at Colossus for over 20 years, visiting both the Mississauga and Oakville locations, and still craves their amazing Greek meals.

Customers Reviews by Colossus greek Taverna


Colossus Greek Taverna raises the bar for Authentic Greek Catering in Oakville. It isn't just about experiencing great food and wine; it's about embracing the Greek culture, being warmed by genuine hospitality, being delighted by the traditional music, and most importantly, being part of the Colossus family. So for those craving an authentic Greek meal in Oakville or looking for a venue for a private event that combines great food, exceptional wines, and a superb atmosphere, why not join the Colossus Greek Taverna crowd?

If you're ready to visit us, check out our menu and begin planning your first (or next) Colossus Greek Taverna dining experience today!